Crude Dreams, by Jack Roderick

Crude Dreams
Crude Dreams
ISBN: 978-0-945397-60-1
Paperback: $24.95

In February 1968, the rumors became reality: An ARCO drilling rig has struck oil — lots of oil — on Alaska’s remote North Slope. Jack Roderick’s Crude Dreams: A Personal History of Oil and Politics in Alaska (448 pages) reads like a novel as he tells of the risky, expensive, and mostly frustrating search for oil across the Northland. Oil companies watch one another jealously. Small independents and the new state struggle to share in the action dominated by huge multi-national oil companies. Gov. Bill Egan, the shy grocer from Valdez, stands up to the industry, seeking the largest possible share of oil revenues for Alaskans.

Crude Dreams isn’t just for oil people. It’s a real page-turner that describes how oil happened to Alaska over decades of intrigue, punctured dreams, and bonanza. 
     –Kay Fanning, former editor, Anchorage Daily News and The Christian Science Monitor

This sharply written book wonderfully evokes the exciting and colorful history of the oil industry in Alaska. 
     –Bob Williams, Oil & Gas Journal

During his more than sixty years in Alaska, Jack Roderick has been a truck-driver, small business entrepreneur, lawyer, teacher, and author. During 1967-68, he served as regional director of the U.S. Peace Corps in India, and in 1970-71, was government relations advisor to Alyeska Pipeline Service Company (TAPS). Elected Mayor of the Greater Anchorage Area Borough in 1972, he served until the City of Anchorage and the Borough unified in 1975 to become the Municipality of Anchorage. Roderick is now writing his memoir.

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