Our Alaskan Winter, by Constance Helmericks

Paperback: $19.95
ISBN: 9781941890448

Our Alaskan Winter, by Constance Helmericks

Our Alaskan Winter completes Constance Helmericks’s bestselling trilogy about the 26-month trek she and her husband, Bud Helmericks, made across the top of northern Alaska. 

In 1945 the poorly-clad couple are afoot on the Arctic coast as winter descends. They have survived a year on foot alone in the forested mountains, but their only chance on the tundra is to join with nomadic Inuit families. Written from Bud’s perspective, it describes winter traveling by dog team and spring hunting on the polar ice. When brief arctic summer arrives, the couple head east through drifting pack ice, paddling, sailing, and sometimes pulling their homemade canoe toward Canada. These historic books depict an ancient way of living, now vanished, and the generosity of the Native peoples who called this barren land home.

Connie Helmericks, arctic adventurer and author, was a wild spirit who yearned for adventure in an era of obedient women. In 1941, when she was twenty-three, she persuaded her husband to leave Arizona for the Alaska wilds. Her successful books and their documentaries came later. She passed away in 1987.

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