Writing on the Edge, by David A. James

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ISBN: 9781684920433
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Literary Anthology

Writing on the Edge, by David A. James

Writing on the Edge brings together twenty-four authors who use literary essays and fiction to describe contemporary life in Alaska in the twenty-first century. Spanning the state from the Southwest Panhandle to the Arctic coast, from the rugged landlocked Interior to the rough open seas, from wide open lands to claustrophobic cities and towns, and journeying by foot, boat, mountain bike, dogsled, or airplane, these writers guide readers into the heart of Alaska.

Writing on the Edge explores present-day Alaska in ways unlike any other book. Topics include climate change, endurance sports, Native identity, urban survival, rural subsistence, bush piloting, seasonal employment, as well as those moments when one can only gaze in wonder at the state’s immense beauty. And then confront the difficulties of simply walking across it.

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