Cheating Death, by Larry Kaniut

Cheating Death
Cheating Death:
ISBN: 978-0-945397-61-8
Paperback: $18.95
Story Collection

A chilling collection of survival stories from pilots, hikers, hunters, climbers, boaters, and fishermen who confront their mortality — and live to tell about it! You will be astonished by the close calls of a young man who clings desperately to life on an iceberg in the lower Susitna River… a woman who struggles frantically to escape the cockpit of a small plane sinking beneath the waters of a remote bay in Southeast… the climbers who fight stubbornly to survive as avalanche after avalanche sweeps over them… and the diver who tangles with a giant octopus. Cheating Death (174 pages) is an electric collection that cannot be missed.

“…one savors the triumph and giddiness of survival when survival seems out of the question.”
     —General Aviation News & Flyer

“These harrowing experiences will keep you glued to the pages of this book.”
     —Gannett Newspapers

“Each adventure has its own suspense, spin-tingling action, and lesson to be learned…” 
     —Capital City Weekly, Juneae, Alaska

Larry Kaniut, a retired high school teacher living in Anchorage, is author of “”Alaska Bear Tales”” and “”More Alaska Bear Tales,”” two of Alaska’s all-time best-selling books.

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