Murder in Vancouver 1886, by Marion Crook

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Murder in Vancouver 1886, by Marion Crook

Vancouver, 1886, a bustling city with a growing population and tantalizing opportunities. Some of those opportunities are illegal. When Amy MacDonald, the school teacher at Hastings Mill, discovers new Win­chester ’86 rifles are being smuggled through the city, she tries to enlist the aid of the earnest but slow-witted provincial policeman. She involves a curious local newspaperman, a businessman, a knowledgeable woman of the street, and her irrepressible younger brother in her efforts to prevent the contraband from flowing to the Métis re­bels in the North West.

Vancouver life is complicated by the murder of a Métis man, the persecution of the Chinese people living in the city and the intent of the mob to oust the Chinese onto boats and out of the new city. Amy manages to move between different the levels of society but not without risk of being dismissed from her teaching position. She tries to do what she believe is morally right without being discovered. All her plans and careful stratagems are disrupted suddenly and dramatically by the devastating, overwhelming fire.

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Murder in Vancouver 1886, by Marion Crook
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