Our Alaska, by Mike Doogan

Our Alaska: Personal Stories About Life in the North
Our Alaska
ISBN: 978-0-945397-94-6
Paperback: $16.95
Story Collection

Our Alaska (192 pages) is a collection of personal stories about Life in Alaska. From the mountains and waterways of the Southeast to the flat tundra of western Alaska, from cities and villages, from established writers and new voices, comes a wonderful collection of personal stories-both whimsical and contemplative-in which the writers open their hearts and homes to reveal the real Alaska. The topics are as diverse as the North–growing up near a glacier… learning to love a free-spirited absentee father… the Hulaanee Code of the Koyukon Indians… anger over proposals to move the state capitol…how painful it is to leave… an escape aboard the state ferries… “herding” tourists… and “muscle memories” from the Chilkoot Trail.

Much insight into life on America’s last frontier is shared by contributors Diana Campbell, Larry Campbell, Michael Carey, Maeve McCoy, Susan Alexander Derrera, Dan DeRoux, Gregg Erickson, Cathy Carpenter Janvrin, Will Mayo, Terzah Tippin Poe, Kim Rich, Kate Ripley, Janice Ryan, Sherry Simpson, Bridget Smith, Dana Stabenow, Harley Sundown, Howard Weaver, and the editor, Mike Doogan.

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