North to Wolf Country, by James Brooks

North to Wolf Country: My Life Among the Creatures of Alaska
North to Wolf Country
ISBN: 978-0-9724944-4-1
Paperback: $17.95
Memoir/ Biography

In a rich, beautifully written memoir, James W. Brooks recalls astonishing adventures of his youth when he lived on the land in the final days of the Territory of Alaska and later became a wildlife biologist and helped write and enforce fish and games laws for the new State of Alaska. North to Wolf Country (340 pages) depicts a changing political landscape through the lens of of a young man who truly loves Alaska.

“This is what dreams are made of–a teenager runs away to Alaska becoming a salmon fisherman, trapper, bush pilot, and internationally respected wildlife biologist. A super read!”
    –Jim Rearden, bestselling author of Arctic Bush Pilot

James W. Brooks left his boyhood home in Michigan and made his way to Alaska as a seventeen-year-old in 1940. Here he found a new world that offered occupations suited to an adventurous young man: fisherman, railroad worker, Caterpillar operator, trapper, musher, wartime flyer, walrus researcher, bush pilot, whale biologist. He led the Territory of Alaska’s wildlife management program into the era of statehood and later served as commissioner of the state Department of Fish and Game. Brooks has published numerous scientific and popular articles on Alaska’s living resources.

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