Cold River Spirits, by Jan Harper-Haines

Cold River Spirits: Whispers from a Family's Forgotten Past
Cold River Spirits
ISBN: 978-1-935347-15-6
Paperback: $14.95
Memoir/ Biography

Cold River Spirits (192 pages) is a wryly humorous and inspirational story about a proud Alaska Native family struggling to survive in two worlds. Sam and Louise Harper and their ten children make a soul-grinding transition into a modern white-dominated society where they face bigotry, poverty, and illness. Yet, Louise, the Athabascan matriarch, remains in touch with centuries-old traditions of healing, honoring nature’s spirits, and a belief that the spirits of all Athabascans one day will return to the waters of the Yukon River.

“A rich and sprawling portrait of ordinary people struggling to adapt to extraordinary changes without losing their souls, their culture–or their sense of humor.”
    –Stan Jones, author of Village of the Ghost Bears

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