Trusting the River, by Jean Aspen

Trusting the River
Trusting the River
ISBN: 978-1-935347-69-9
Paperback: $24.95
E-book: $9.95
Memoir/ Biography

Jean Aspen, daughter of arctic explorer and author Constance Helmericks, began life in the wilderness. Throughout six decades, the natural world has remained central to her. What began as a series of letters to her son, Lucas, when she and her husband Tom set out to search for a different future, evolved over the seasons into a many snapshots of her remarkable life. All those seemingly random threads have woven the tapestry of her journey and the journey of the river flowing by the remote cabin. In Trusting the River (424 pages), she closes the circle of her mother’s books and her own early work, Arctic Daughter.

“With heartfelt remembrances of the wilderness and of the people who influenced her in the quest for a peaceful co-existence, this is Jean Aspen in her element and at her best. Coping with a devastating loss, she writes, ‘Sometimes I am powerful and rushing, at other times, deep and still or frozen beneath the snow. I am becoming the River.’ These same words might well define her writing: powerful and rushing; deep and still.”
    –Stephen Reynolds, author of Beyond the Killing Tree

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