Villagers, by Claire Fejes

Villagers: Athabaskan Indian Life Along the Yukon River in Drawings and Text
ISBN: 978-1-935347-48-4
Paperback: $18.95
Memoir/ Biography

The Natives of Alaska, the Athabaskan Indians, are facing a momentous crisis. Their traditional way of life is being threatened with extinction by the culture of the white man. What changes have been wrought in the lifestyle of the Indians? How are they meeting the challenge to their heritage? In Villagers (224 pages), Claire Fejes–a resident of Alaska for more than thirty-five years–takes us on an extended
voyage up he Tanana and Yukon rivers, to visit Indian villages along the way, New Minto, Galena, Koyukuk, Fort Yukon, Nenana, Kaltag and Rampart.

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