The Last Ride in the Bumblebee Jacket, by Spencer Kope

The Last Ride in the Bumblebee Jacket,
Mystery, Spencer Kope, Cars, Plymouth Convertible, 1951, Pacific Northwest, Seattle, Washington
Paperback: $16.95
ISBN: 978-945078-14-9
eBook: $5.99

The Last Ride in the Bumblebee Jacket, by Spencer Kope

When Darius Alexander buys a run-down old Plymouth convertible to restore in his uncle’s body shop, he discovers a pristine inscription in the trunk that presents a compelling mystery. With the help of his lifelong friend, Spider, Darius reaches out to Dr. Jenny Morgan from Seattle Art Museum for answers. After examining the car, Jenny makes a stunning proclamation that, at the same time, presents a moral dilemma for Darius.

The next morning, he returns to the home of Margaret Lipscomb, the elderly woman who sold him the convertible, and lays out an unbelievable tale. Margaret is unfazed, and the three of them, Darius, Spider, and Jenny, soon learn that she has secrets of her own.

In the months that follow, the mystery ebbs and flows, some pieces are answered while others just present more questions. The four strangers, thrown together by chance or perhaps destiny, spend an increasing amount of time together. And though trying times lie ahead, an abiding friendship blooms and grows, and by the time the dark days arrive, the groups of friends has become family.

Through it all, there is one constant: A 1951 Plymouth convertible named The Bumblebee Jacket.

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