The Ravenstone Chronicle, by J. Harper Haines

The Ravenstone Chronicle, by J. Harper Haines

Paperback: $16.95
ISBN: 978-1-684920-22-8
eBook: $5.99

Set in Alaska, the Ravenstone is an artifact that is central to the ancient healing beliefs of Alaska’s Athabascans, a people who coexist in the very different Caucasian world. The Ravenstone, a part of a much larger mask that belongs to the University of Alaska, has been missing for decades. It is now under the protection of Sam Tallwell, the last living deeyninh or medicine healer. Sam has cancer and is dying. In his efforts to protect the artifact, he asks his nephew, Herb, to hide it, little knowing of the danger it will bring.

Cara Fielding and her Aunt Lucy who is Athabascan visit Herb and find Herb’s body lying in front of his house. Cara runs back to Lucy’s house to call for help.  A few days later in Fairbanks, the killers have a violent encounter with Cara and her cousin, IAN, a police detective. Cara believes Herb’s death is not merely a house robbery, but is related to the Ravenstone.

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