Christmas Ghost Story, by Nick DiMartino

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ISBN: 9781684920143
eBook: $6.99

Christmas Ghost Story, by Nick DiMartino

Gina opened her eyes. She was standing in the remains of the vegetable garden, in the middle of the night. She was alone in her nightgown, clutching a shovel. She had been digging. Was she losing her mind? Gina became very afraid that she might be…

Gina Rossi has shocked her Seattle family by buying the old Rossi house on Beacon Hill. Now she shocks them even more by inviting them to an old-fashioned family dinner on Christmas Eve. But the Rossis won’t be alone that night. Secrets are buried in her great-grandmother’s house that Grandpa never told anyone. Secrets that are slowly changing Gina. The sound of running footsteps. The sound of a child crying. And a narrow staircase at the end of a large closet upstairs—a staircase that leads to a sealed-off wall.

Christmas Ghost Story is the literary descendant of the traditional British ghost stories that proliferated in Victorian times in special bulky Christmas issues of popular magazines packed with chilling supernatural thrillers by the literary names of the day. This is a revival of that Victorian tradition set in the Pacific Northwest of the 1990s.

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