North Country Detective, by Tom Brennan

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Mystery & Detective

North Country Detective, by Tom Brennan

North Country Detective is the life story of George Tallent, an Alaska Native, man who becomes an Alaska State Trooper and his best friend, Rick Albert a man born on the same day who moves from the East Coast to spend his life on nation’s northern frontier.

George and Rick meet as they enter high school in Anchorage, Alaska in the fall of 1956. They are close friends and depending on the season, spend their free time fishing, cross-country skiing, and hiking. The young men enjoyed the challenge and adventure of Alaska’s wild country. During their high school years, crude oil is discovered on the Kenai Peninsula, and Alaska becomes the 49th state. New jobs and opportunities await these young men.

They both go to college yet stay in touch over the years. George enters law enforcement. Rick returns to Alaska, works in the oil business, becomes school superintendent, and runs for political office successfully. 

When Rick’s plane disappears with four occupants, with little hope of finding what happened, George knows he has lost a long-time friend. George retires in 1992 but returns to police work as a cold case investigator some years later. He is a cautious, thorough, and well-respected investigator. The disappearance of Rick has always been in the back of his mind and he requests to follow up on the cold case of his friend Congressman Rick Albert’s plane. His investigative work discovers the plane and he makes a startling discovery about why the plane that took his longtime friend’s life disappeared.

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