Voyage of the Eclipse, by Erik T. Hirschmann

Paperback: $16.95
ISBN: 978-1-68492-051-8
eBook: $5.99
Historical Fiction

Voyage of the Eclipse, by Erik T. Hirschmann

Spring 1802, the apex of the lucrative Pacific maritime fur trade. After troubled encounters in the South Pacific and Hawai’i, the crew of the Boston brig Eclipse gamble their lives on the Alaskan coast amid furiously competitive English and American ships, Russian fur hunters, and hostile Tlingit clans. Filled with hubris, Captain Jonathan Fletcher leads Eclipse to the brink of catastrophe and finds his relationship with a Hawaiian female sailor, Alamea, strained to the breaking point. Clever and beautiful, Alamea grows closer to Second Mate Joshua Hall after his daring rescue of a slave boy in a Tlingit village. Exasperated over Fletcher’s reckless decisions, and anxious to find his troubled older brother Elias Hall, Joshua concludes slavery and oblivion will be the crew’s fate unless he confronts the captain.

In the ensuing struggle Eclipse crew members battle powerful adversaries and each other to survive. Through a tempest of depravity and disorder, Joshua and Alamea spearhead their crew’s fight for redemption on an unforgiving shore.

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