University Ghost Story, by Nick DiMartino

Paperback: $16.95
ISBN: 9781684920594
eBook: $5.99

University Ghost Story, by Nick DiMartino

Dr. Veronica Glass, professor of English literature at the University of Washington, does not believe in ghosts. She’s trying to teach a course on the Victorian ghost story and having trouble with a couple of her students because of it.

Matt Braddon, her new tenant, has returned to Seattle, leaving behind his playwrighting career in New York, but can’t escape from a terrible secret in his past. Long ago in Seattle, he walked away from a college tragedy he’s never been able to forget, a guilty moment in his past that he thinks he left behind, but which isn’t through with him yet.

Now thirteen-year-old Angela Harrow has run away from her bitterly-fighting parents begging to stay with Veronica for the holidays. Angela is Veronica’s brightest student, and she’s afraid of something at home. When Angela becomes emotionally upset—and it happens fairly often lately, she’s so volatile, her body is changing—unpleasant things happen around her, things she can’t control.

Veronica and Matt are no longer safe. Suddenly dangerous accidents are happening in the University District house. Whispering voices in the night. Creaking floorboards. Shattering glass. Whatever lives on there has found a deadly new source of power. Before Christmas morning, all their lives will be changed forever.

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University Ghost Story, by Nick DiMartino
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