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Epicenter Press History

Founded in Fairbanks, Alaska, in 1988, Epicenter Press, Inc. publishes and fiction and nonfiction books about the arts, history, environment, and diverse cultures and lifestyles of Alaska.

We are located in Kenmore, WA. Epicenter Press acquired Camel, Coffeetown and Fanny Press in 2018.

Epicenter Press

Epicenter Press publishes nonfiction and fiction that relates to Alaska including biography, fiction, select memoirs, history, humor, life in the North, Native American culture, true crime.

Camel Press is the genre imprint of Epicenter Press and publishes popular and genre fiction including mysteries, cozy mysteries, thrillers, romantic suspense, romance (historical and contemporary), westerns and select  historical fiction.

Coffeetown Press is an imprint of Epicenter Press and publishes select memoirs, literary fiction, historical nonfiction, and literary mysteries.

Fanny Press is an imprint of Epicenter Press and publishes adult fiction and non-fiction.

Northwest Corner is an imprint of Epicenter Press and publishes fiction and nonfiction about the Pacific Northwest. Titles are found under Epicenter Press.

A Native Lad: Benny Benson Tells Alaska’s Story, by Sarah Hurst
Raven House Mouse Goes to Culture Camp, by Jan Steinbright