Alaska Heritage Seafood Cookbook, by Ann Chandonnet

Alaska Heritage Seafood Cookbook, by Ann Chandonnet KING CRAB, SALMON, HALIBUT, FLOUNDER, SPOT SHRIMP, CLAMS, STEELHEAD, COD, ARCTIC CHAR, MUSSELS, SQUID, SCALLOPS, ROCKFISH, DOLLY VARDEN . . . . . . any seafood lover knows this incantation usually means Alaska! In The Alaska Heritage Cookbook, author Ann Chandonner gathers recipes for almost 100 species of Northern sea life—freshwater fish,…

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The Fishes & Dishes Cookbook, by Kiyo Marsh, Tomi Marsh, and Laura Cooper

Fishes & Dishes book cover

Some of the most dangerous work in the world takes place in the grounds of Alaska, where crews must deal with gale-force winds, towering seas, long hours, and… Baked Salmon Wellington? A generation ago, the women featured in this book might have been celebrated as pioneers. In today’s world, they are simply living their dreams…

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