North to the Future, by Dermot Cole

North to the Future: The Alaska Story, 1959-2009
North to the Future
ISBN: 978-0-9800825-3-1
Paperback: $14.95

Alaska became a state in 1959 after nearly a century of federal rule and domination by powerful mining, timber, and canned-salmon interests. At last the people of Alaska would direct their own destiny. But would they? North to the Future (224 pages) documents the first fifty years, as Alaska’s fate continued to be influenced by outside interests and unexpected events.

“The author plies his journalistic skills in this fine overview of events, personalities, and issues that Alaskans have addressed during our first fifty years of statehood.”
    –Bruce Merrell, Alaska Historical Society

Dermot Cole is a longtime Alaskan, an author of several history books, and a former Daily News-Miner staff columnist who now writes an occasional column on Alaska politics and history

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