Alaska’s Malamute Man, by Joe Henderson

Paperback: $24.95
ISBN: 9781684920006

Alaska’s Malamute Man, by Joe Henderson

Alaska’s Malamute Man is a unique and exciting look behind the scenes of Joe Henderson’s Arctic expeditions.  Joe quotes, “For more than 35 years my Arctic expeditions and stories have captivated peoples’ imaginations from around the world.”  Alaska’s Malamute Man – a journal, allows us the opportunity to go behind the scenes of Joe’s historic expeditions and travel with him.  Joe leads us past the incomprehensible human sufferings from his day-to-day struggles on the Arctic trail, to a world of resolve, serenity, joy, and his journal shows his unique and loving bond he has with his malamute companions.  

Joe’s philosophy of being a team member, traveling companion, mentor, and a coach for his malamutes have provided him a special insight about how his dogs’ minds work.  He has devised a training strategy that draws out essential elements that enhance a dog’s natural prowess, passion, strength, and tough mindedness that has resulted in developing trail breaking abilities that many have thought to be impossible.

But Joe doesn’t credit himself for these accomplishments.  Joe’s quote, “I have been battered by hurricane-force winds, charged by crazed grizzly bears, broken through thin ice, nearly drowned, and have felt the fangs of frost so deep in my marrow that I thought I’d never see another sunrise.  By the grace of God, and drawing on his strength, the team and I have managed to survive while breaking trail forward, extending that never-ending trail behind us.”

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